A Picture's Worth
A Thousand Words

I offer photography services to all my clients. An investment in photography is one of the best business decisions you will make.

While a lot of different media can be used to enhance the user experience of a website. images are still the most common and also most universal medium. We like images because they are convenient, easy to engage with and easy to memorize. If used with reason, images can attract and guide your visitors’ attention, trigger emotions, and build trust.

90% of online buyers say that photo quality is the most important factor in an online sale. Without product photography, your business will suffer. In an increasingly visual world, the importance of visual content in marketing has never been greater. Product photography can be used across all marketing channels such as paid advertisements and social media accounts.

I have been shooting Real Estate footage for Homejab for about 3 years all over Maine.

I am a licensed FAA 107 Drone Pilot which allows me to shoot commercially.

See some of my photography here. Smugmug

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