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  • Web Design: Although there is a lot of DIY available now a good design is more than paint by number. Web Designers have their place if you want something that stands out. Layout, quality media, and good basic SEO is important. I work with WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace doing design, SEO, and maintenance. I work with small businesses and non-profits and you will find my fees reasonable and I am always ready to work with clients and their budgets.
  • Video: I know that the iPhone has become the defacto video creation tool but there is more to it than that. I have been shooting video since 2004, done 3 documentaries, and worked for universities and non-profits. Best way to tell your story.
  • Legacy Video: We now have the ability to preserve the memories and stories of loved ones and friends that can be passed down. To see and hear these stories is forever moving and something to be treasured. Memories fade but a story recorded lives on forever.
  • Home Design Plus: Building a new home? Need plans, need advice, 3D renderings, and drawings.

Web Design

Web design is getting to be easier and easier these days. But there are still reasons to hire a Digital Media Creator designer. There are a lot of different platforms to develop on now, some proprietary some open source. Some have a lot of options and others have strict rules that must be followed. I can help with the decisions you need to make, give advice and most importantly give you a professional design. My fees are very reasonable and I’m willing to work with most budgets.


These two items to me are very important to any client website. The chances are very high that visitors first impression is going to be made by some type of visual effect. This is the hook that tells them something about you. Making that connection is always going to be the most important step in getting them to stay and see more of what you have to offer.

I have a great selection of iconic Maine landmarks and destinations photos that I make available to clients at no charge. The images are more impactful than your standard stock photography which looks canned.