Change Is Good

Shine a New Light on Your Website

Do you love your website?

If the answer is no or not really, what’s the point in keeping this powerful marketing tool, investing time and effort into it, if it doesn’t help your business grow and flourish?

It’s not enough to JUST have a website. It needs to look good, it needs to present information in a clear, accessible way. It needs to create a strong first impression and make your prospects feel like they’ve found THE ONE. Otherwise, you’re competing for the attention of the same audience alongside another few hundred businesses. And let’s agree, that’s an exhausting game.

What I Offer: I’m creative and affordable.

Affordability. I am a one-man studio. That means I don’t have the overhead expenses of large design houses with huge rents and multiple employees. I have years of experience working with clients, among them Tufts University, Maine Arts Commission, Portland Trails, Washington State University, The Bread Lab, Frances Perkins Center, Maine Rivers, and Homejab. My skillset covers web design, graphic design, photography, SEO, social media management, drone photography, and professional video services. When you work with me you get access to all these services at an affordable price.

Busy Season’s Here. Need an Update, Photos, Video, Social Media, or Aerials?

If you are considering updating, adding to, or redesigning your website, and need help with SEO, Social Media Management, professional photography, aerial shots, or video, let’s talk. One of the most important elements in a  polished website is professionally shot photographs and videos. I make that content available to all my clients if needed.

Think about adding video. People browsing the internet have short attention spans.