I’m a native Mainer, which is meaningful to some.  I became involved in digital media when I took a job as an intern at a small graphics house that was producing training videos. There I got to learn and work with all of the Adobe products, Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, etc. We did a lot of 3d animation as well. From there I moved on to a job as a web designer with a local internet service provider which led to other jobs as a content creator.

I’ve been freelancing since 2003. Along the way, I’ve made time for three documentaries and worked with a lot of interesting businesses, schools, colleges, and non-profits. I believe in a strong visual impression. That is what the mind will process first. There is lots of new information out there about “saying more with less” these days. I totally agree. We are flooded with information. It’s hard to get people’s attention and equally as hard to keep it. Visuals and storytelling are important. I look to connect with people on clients’ homepages or with their social media with something that catches their eye.

I live in Rockport with my partner and our border collie. Photography is a big love. You can see some of my photography in my Instagram feed in the footer of this site. Or at my Smugmug site, I am an avid skier, a sea kayaker, dog lover, and a mountain biker. Camden/Rockport is a special place and I couldn’t be happier to be living here.

Michael Richard

Home base is Midcoast, Maine.

You can reach me at