Picture Superiority Effect: Concepts are much more likely to be remembered experientially if they are presented as pictures rather than as words.

There is an abundance of information out there and it’s impossible to focus, particularly when presented with walls of text. In response, we have learned to quickly evaluate products so making an immediate positive impression is imperative. The best photos tell a story. And everyone loves a story. Even better, they like short stories which are what photos can provide.


Video may seem difficult, but it’s a great way to spice up your website and reach a larger audience. Not everybody wants to read words on a computer screen. Some will watch a video before they will read even a single paragraph.

Using video on your website is just another way to provide great content.

Google has made it clear that using video will help you rank better.

Nearly 80% of people watching a video can recall the video a month later.

With the increase of people searching the internet on their phone and viewing content in their phone, video is becoming even more important.

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